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Theresa Rebeck's "What We're Up Against" at the June Havoc Theatre

Lorca is getting ready to direct the NYC production of Theresa Rebeck's comedic and incendiary gender issues play set in an architecture firm.

She will be collaborating with a talented team of Designers and Actors:

Jason Fok - Lighting Design, Jennifer Varbalow - Set Design, Lisa Renee Jordan - Costume Design, Christopher Marston - Projection/Video Design, Composer Joel Harrison, and architecture consultant Leonard Fusco, AIA. Actors: Vince Bandille, Lesley McBurney, Cherie Mendez, Bones Rodriguez, Alejandro Santoni, Ean Sheehy. Produced by Lesley McBurney and Cherie Mendez. Daniel DeMello, Press Rep

Dates at the June Havoc Theatre: October 20-30, 2016

More Details to follow.

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